Bicycle routes around Bad Wimpfen

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Biking in Bad Wimpfen - the centre of famous cycle paths!

The historic old town of Bad Wimpfen is located exactly at the intersection of the 3 well-known cycle routes Neckar-Radweg, Kocher-Radweg and Jagst-Radweg.

Start from Bad Wimpfen into a well-developed cycle path network with small and large cycle tours across the Neckar valley. Enjoy the most famous day tours around Bad Wimpfen and discover the sights in Bad Wimpfen through the salt and brine cycle path.

Here biking is a real pleasure!

Bicycle routes of Bad Wimpfener Rad-Blume

The cycling region around Bad Wimpfen awaits you with a bunch of flowers from cycling tours. Here at the intersection of the Neckar, Kocher and Jagst rivers is the ideal starting point for adventurous rides, not only into the valleys of these three main players, but also many small valleys and rivers are waiting to be discovered.

In terms of the route profile and length, there is something for everyone in this colourful bunch of round tours, and the extended radius of e-bikes has also been taken into consideration.

The tours of the bicycle flower lie like petals around Bad Wimpfen.

Hotel Neckarblick Bad Wimpfen

Total length:
All 8 tours form a package of over 1000 km of cycle paths.

Daily stages:
The described bike tours in Bad Wimpfen have a total length of about 120 km each and can be shortened in variations of 20 km each. You can individually design your tours with 100, 80, 60, 40 or 20 km, just as you want, can or like it. With the longer tours we also want to meet the higher demands of e-bike riders.

Route profile:
Mostly asphalted cycle paths, partly hilly with only a few longer climbs, but the tours are not very difficult. Very few sections are covered on smaller roads. All routes are mostly on designated cycle paths.

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